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In a interview with Cinefantastique Online , Craven said that as a young boy, he woke up one day to find a drunken man outside his window. The bum was just staring at Craven, and understandably, the kid was totally freaked out. Things only got worse when the man "started walking almost half-backwards" toward the entrance of Craven's apartment, all the while watching the terrified boy.

Fortunately, when Craven's brother went to investigate with baseball bat in hand , the man had disappeared. But the idea of an adult who was frightening and enjoyed terrifying a child was the origin of Freddy. But what really kicked Elm Street into high gear was a series of mysterious deaths during the '70s and '80s. Cambodian refugees were inexplicably dying in their sleep, and this was happening so often that the Center for Disease Control began digging into the cause of " Asian Death Syndrome.

The poor guy was constantly drinking coffee, and when his family gave him sleeping pills, he faked taking them and then stashed them in a hiding spot. Sadly, when the man finally fell asleep, he inexplicably passed away. Today, this phenomenon is known as SUNDS sudden unexpected nocturnal death syndrome , and according to LiveScience , it's a genetic disease where "the body fails to properly coordinate the electrical signals that cause the heart to beat," and it often affects young Asian men when they're sleeping.

Dying suddenly in your bed is an especially creepy way to die, and with the image of that drunken old man lurking in his memory, Craven combined the two events, created a monster, and named the killer after his childhood bully …Fred Krueger. The drama starts when a psychopathic teenager Daniel Roebuck murders his girlfriend and dumps her body near the edge of a river. The guy starts bragging to his friends about his dirty deed, but instead of telling the cops, the local teens decide to check out the body, keeping the killing a secret and treating the murdered girl like some sort of carnival attraction.

In real life, the story played out almost exactly the same way. A year-old named Anthony Jacques Broussard brutally raped and killed year-old Marcy Renee Conrad, and then tossed her into a ravine in Milpitas, California. Similar to the film, Broussard told his buddies about the crime, and soon, the local youths were all gathering around Conrad's corpse. One kid even tried to help Broussard hide the body.

Believe it or not, this went on for two whole days before the police discovered what was going on, and even though he was just 16, the killer was tossed behind bars for life. Think you can handle the truth about A Few Good Men? Directed by Rob Reiner, this legal thriller was inspired by Aaron Sorkin's Broadway play, and the story follows a Navy lawyer Tom Cruise who defends two Marines accused of killing a comrade during a " Code Red.

Devoted Mom of a Real-Life 'Wonder' Kid Speaks Out |

As a result, the Marines are dishonorably discharged but manage to beat the murder rap. In real life, the story that inspired Sorkin centered on a Marine named William Alvarado William Santiago in the film. Alvarado served at the Navy installation on Guantanamo Bay, and his job was to stand guard at the edge of the base, keeping an eye on Cuban soldiers on the other side of the perimeter. Unfortunately for Alvarado, he wasn't very popular in his platoon, as his fellow Marines believed he'd ratted on a guard who'd fired his weapon into Cuban territory.

As a result, ten guys blindfolded, gagged, and beat Alvarado, and during the assault, he lost consciousness after his lungs started filling up with liquid. Unlike the character in the movie, Alvarado survived the assault , and seven of the men involved accepted dishonorable discharges. However, the three remaining Marines took their chances in court, where they claimed they were just obeying their commanding officers.

The trio actually got off pretty light , avoiding serious penalties, and at least one of the defendants—David Cox—was honorably discharged after finishing his time in the Corps. However, before anything could come of the case, Cox was mysteriously murdered. To this day, nobody knows who did the killing, so there's a perfect plot ready to go if Aaron Sorkin wants to write A Few Better Men. Unless you're Davy Crockett, the woods can be a pretty scary place.

You might run into evil trees, horny hillbillies, or—more realistically—a creature craving human flesh. That's exactly what happens in Adam MacDonald's Backcountry , a Canadian thriller starring Jeff Roop and Missy Peregrym as a backpacking couple who lose their way in a never-ending forest. As they wander into the wilderness, they encounter a hungry bear, and well, let's just say things don't end well.

Tragically, Backcountry was inspired by an actual bear attack , one that writer-director Adam MacDonald came across while researching for the film. The actual incident occurred in , when Mark Jordan and Jacqueline Perry decided to spend their fourth wedding anniversary in the woods of northern Ontario. During their trip, a starving black bear went after Perry, but Jordan managed to fight the beast off. He punched the animal in the face and stabbed it with a Swiss Army knife , driving the bear back into the woods.

Thinking fast, Jordan put his wife in a kayak and began searching for help, but sadly, Perry passed away before they could reach civilization. Needless to say, Jordan was devastated, and he also needed stitches to take care of his own wounds. However, while it couldn't make up for his pain, the man was awarded the Star of Courage in , Canada's second highest award for bravery.

After wowing critics with her performance in Short Term 12 , Brie Larson won an Oscar for Lenny Abrahamson's Room , a heartbreaking film about the love between a mother and her kid. In the film, Larson plays a young woman named Joy who's been abducted, imprisoned, and serially raped by a man known only as "Old Nick. Room was based on a novel by author Emma Donoghue, but as it turns out, the concept for her book was " triggered " by the real-life case of Elisabeth Fritzl , an Austrian woman who was locked in a cellar at age Even worse, her captor was her own dad, Josef Fritzl.

This monster kept Elisabeth imprisoned for 24 years, and during that time, she gave birth to seven children. One died shortly after birth, three lived in the basement with their mother, and three were raised by Fritzl and his wife Rosemarie. Shockingly, Elisabeth's mom had no idea what was going on. Fritzl had convinced her that their daughter had run away. As for the kids, Fritzl admitted they were Elisabeth's, but he claimed he'd found them on the lawn, abandoned by their mom.

However, the horror show ended when Elisabeth's oldest child—year-old Kerstin, who'd spent her entire life in the dungeon—became gravely ill. Fritzl was forced to take her to the hospital, and soon after that, the police put the puzzle pieces together. The year-old Elisabeth was finally freed and reunited with her children, and as for Fritzl, he was—appropriately enough— put away for life.

Written and directed by the Coen Brothers, Hail, Caesar! But the biggest connection between Hail, Caesar! Just like the onscreen Eddie, the actual Mannix was a movie studio fixer, a dude who covered up scandals for MGM. He helped pregnant actresses secretly obtain abortions, and he made sure that car wrecks involving A-list stars were kept out of the papers. However, while the fictional Mannix comes off as a likeable guy, the real Mannix was downright despicable.

It's believed he violently beat his mistress, sending her to the hospital multiple times, and when she tried to sue him, Mannix had the cops chase her out of Hollywood. It's said that Mannix read every telegram sent from the MGM lot so he could keep tabs on all of the stars, and he allegedly had his gangster friends frighten actors who wouldn't toe the line. It's believed he played a part in getting Judy Garland hooked on drugs , and some suspect he was involved in the death of George Reeves , TV's Superman. Bertino entered the screenplay for The Strangers into a screenwriting contest, after which he sold its directorial rights to Universal Pictures.

When casting the two leading actors in the film, Bertino sought Liv Tyler for the role of Kristen. Often in movies, it's all spelled out for you, and the dialogue is very explanatory.

Very Loosely Based on a True Story

But Bryan doesn't write like that; he writes how normal people communicate—with questions lingering. I knew it would be interesting to act that. Speedman was also impressed by the script, stating that "the audience actually gets time to breathe with the characters before things get scary as hell. That got me interested from the first pages".

In casting the three masked intruders, Bertino chose Australian fashion model Gemma Ward for the part of Dollface, feeling she had the exact "look" he had imagined; Ward was officially cast in the film in September Bertino had not initially planned on directing The Strangers , and had been disconnected from the project after selling directorial rights to Universal Pictures.

Despite weather complications, the film was largely shot in chronological order. During production, it was reported that Liv Tyler came down with tonsillitis due to the extensive screaming the role required her to do. I had been told that she really wanted to be scared. She didn't want to have to fake it, and so it was my responsibility to really scare her. So we shot that scene, I ran at her, she started actually screaming, and then she kicked me away.

The masks featured in the film were chosen by Bertino, who wanted them to appear as though the killers "could have picked them up at any store. A musical score, consisting of 19 pieces composed by score producer tomandandy , was released on May 27, , and was distributed by Lakeshore Records. The producers originally planned for a summer release in July , [27] which was eventually postponed to November ; however, this date was postponed as well.

In late July , Bertino, Tyler and Speedman attended San Diego's annual Comic-Con event to promote the film; all three were present for a questions-and-answers panel session, as well as a screening of the film's official teaser trailer ; [30] this trailer was released on the internet several weeks later.

It was not until March that a full-length trailer for the film was released, which can be found on Apple 's QuickTime trailer gallery. Two one-sheet posters for the film were released in August , one showing the three masked Strangers, [33] and the other displaying a wounded Liv Tyler. Both the Blu-ray and DVD feature rated and unrated versions of the film, with the unrated edition running approximately two minutes longer.

Bonus materials include two deleted scenes and a making-of featurette. The website's critical consensus reads, " The Strangers provides a few scares, but offers little else to distinguish itself from other slasher films. Unfavorable reviews included Roger Ebert 's of the Chicago Sun-Times , who gave the film one-and-a-half stars out of four, saying: "The movie deserves more stars for its bottom-line craft, but all the craft in the world can't redeem its story.

Bertino's undeveloped protagonists are colossally stupid and frustratingly passive. He tries to get under our skin with a pile driver. Among the positive reviews, Jeannette Catsoulis of The New York Times said The Strangers is "suspenseful," "highly effective," and "smartly maintain[s] its commitment to tingling creepiness over bludgeoning horror. Club said that "as an exercise in controlled mayhem, horror movies don't get much scarier.

Additional positive feedback for the film came from Joblo. In , the film was ranked 13 on " Bravo 's 13 Scarier Movie Moments" television piece, [57] and in a retrospective, Clark Collis of Entertainment Weekly deemed the film a "modern-day slasher classic. In August , Rogue Pictures confirmed that a sequel was in the works, [58] with Brian Bertino co-writing the screenplay with Ben Ketai. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

This article is about the horror film. For other uses, see Strangers disambiguation. Theatrical release poster. Liv Tyler Scott Speedman. I was thinking about the Tate murders and realizing that these detailed descriptions had painted a story of what it was like in the house with the victims. But none of the victims knew about the Manson family or why it was happening to them. So, I got really fascinated with telling the victims' tale. And not filling it in with an FBI profile and not filling it in with finding out that somebody's grandmother beat them and now they want to kill everybody.

You read obituaries every day where someone is killed for a random reason. Yes, we may eventually find out why, but sometimes they don't. Main article: The Strangers: Prey at Night. British Board of Film Classification. March 14, Retrieved December 25, Scream Factory. Box Office Mojo.

15 True Stories That Inspired Your Favorite 'Law & Order' Episodes

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Emma Thompson Reminds Men “It’s Not Rocket Science” to Avoid Sexual Harassment

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Chicago Sun-Times.