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Harvesting both increases the number of ideas that are saved and provides a way to organize ideas by how developed they are at present. Harvesting helps you spot ideas that could be implemented right away as well as those that need more work. Harvesting Example: A newly launched web-based business that sells sailing gear is thinking of ways to attract likely prospects to its site. Here are two of the ideas produced in a thinking session:. Both ideas were saved. Treatment is particularly useful for working with Beginning Ideas to make them more specific and practical. One Treatment method is called Shaping.

Here you think of any constraints that might interfere with the execution of the idea. Then you shape the idea to fit within these constraints. Treatment of Ideas Example: The human resources department of a large organization was generating ideas on how to market their lateral thinking classes internally.

One idea was to offer the services of those who had already been trained to generate innovative ideas for those who had not had the training. One of the constraints was that the trained lateral thinkers had their own jobs to do and were not readily available. Using Treatment, several ideas were generated for shaping the idea to address this constraint:.

The department chose to go online with their offer. Once the team produced several winning ideas for various departments, word began to spread about the power of Lateral Thinking. Eventually over 1, employees were trained and began to use the tools for themselves. Call 1. Very useful for strategic decisions and daily use. I will apply in sub-team work. Very useful at this specific moment. Therefore, it was very useful for the team to participate together.

I am always a little suspicious about that reply because it suggests that the ideas are not very good. You can never have too many ideas. Contact Us Today! Menu Services Meeting Facilitation Meeting Facilitation A productive, efficiently run meeting can save thousands of dollars, create new ideas that help a company achieve financial success, solve major problems, and foster an atmosphere that motivates individuals.

On-site Training Seminars Bringing a de Bono trainer in-house is oftentimes more cost-effective than sending employees to our events. Certification Training Become a Certified de Bono Trainer to remove mental roadblocks, break outdated thinking habits, and get breakthrough results that build futures. Trainer Recertification Certified de Bono Trainers must recertify in each course every 2 years. Upcoming Events View All Events. Coaching Are you preparing for an important meeting?

Six Thinking Hats by Dr. Edward de Bono. Lateral Thinking by Dr. Focus on Facilitation Facilitator skills are in high demand today as companies search for specialists who are professionally trained to effectively manage team interactions. Six Value Medals Six Value Medals is a revolutionary new framework, book, and training course for leaders, teams and individuals from Edward de Bono. Six Value Medals by Edward de Bono. Simplicity by Dr. Power of Perception Power of Perception gives you 10 simple strategies for sharpening your perception and focusing your thinking in a more comprehensive, effective, and efficient way.

Mindsight by Dr. Rudy Magnan. Course in Creativity The search is on for how to assure your organization's survival and prosperity into the future. Cancellation Policy for Public Courses Cancellations received within 14 days of the training course will receive no refund. Free Article and Best Practices. Team Dimensions Innovation Assessment.

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About Edward de Bono Edward de Bono is regarded as the leading international authority in the field of creative thinking, innovation, and the direct teaching of thinking as a skill. Who Needs Lateral Thinking? Lateral Thinking Techniques. We could create earthen mounds along the river banks. We could put up a concrete damn to hold the water back. What is another concept behind creating earthen mounds?

Changing the surface of the landscape near the river. What are some other specific ideas for changing the landscape to help prevent flooding? Dig auxiliary channels that drain the excess water safely away from the city. Make the main river channel deeper and wider so that its capacity to hold water is expanded. Focus: Sharpen or change your focus to improve your creative efforts. Put out books of crossword puzzles, brain teasers, and sudoku.

Make available several laptops with free wireless access. Convert one wall of the waiting room into a white board with a sign inviting people to doodle or draw on it. Challenge: Break free from the limits of accepted ways of operating. He decides to challenge current thinking about entryways and lists things that the company takes for granted: The company logo will be prominently displayed. The ambiance will be welcoming to visitors.

There is a security guard at each entry point. Visitors are required to sign in and receive a badge to enter. Brown looks at his list for things to challenge. He chooses the presence of security guards. Could we cut them without altering anything else? Yes Require all visitors to register online with the person they are scheduled to meet. That person verifies the visitor and gives them a code that is good for the scheduled time and date only.

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The visitor is instructed to bring this code and enter it at a locked door in order to enter. Security guards are no longer needed. Create an entry lounge something like a hotel lounge. That employee vets his or her visitor and buzzes them through a locked entry. Refreshments and amusements are provided in the lounge for those visitors who cannot immediately reach their contact. Because why? Random Entry: Use unconnected input to open new lines of thinking.

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Teapots are rounded. In How to be More Interesting, lateral-thinking guru Edward de Bono reveals how playing with ideas, making connections, speculating and using the imagination are at the heart of being an interesting person. With seventy exercises that will help you bring humour, insight and surprise to everyday situations, this book will ensure that people not only find you fascinating company but also won't be able to forget you.

De Bono never ceases to amaze with his clarity of thought' Sir Richard Branson Edward de Bono invented the concept of lateral thinking. A world-renowned writer and philosopher, he is the leading authority in the field of creative thinking and the direct teaching of thinking as a skill. Dr de Bono has written more than 60 books, in 40 languages, with people now teaching his methods worldwide.

He has chaired a special summit of Nobel Prize laureates, and been hailed as one of the people who have contributed most to mankind. Get A Copy.

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Sort order. The name of the book isn't necessarily tied to the content. It's more of an imagination simulator book. A workbook full of exercises. Although interesting and amusing, it's not something I'd hold and finish. Rather, I'd use it from time to time when necessary. May 31, Abe Hanara rated it it was amazing. The core science of attention directing essentials and the human nature of how un-interestingness doesn't work in all areas of teaching, communicating and life is discussed in this book.

Jul 02, Alshaimaa rated it really liked it Shelves: english-books. Well, I am not sure why the rating is bad This is a good book with a false title, maybe if he named it 'improve your thinking' but still isn't thinking part of our personality. This book is full of activity of how to think differently, and help you change the way you think. I would borrow this book not buy it, and that is what I did. View 1 comment. According to de Bono what make you an interesting person depends upon - what happens in your mind; how you express what happens in your mind; what impression you create in the mind of a listener.

Being interesting is a skill which can be developed. Hence this book is a workbook consisting of 70 short and simple exercises intended to help you develop this skill. Just an OK sort of book, authored by a person who has written path-breaking bestsellers like "Lateral Thinking" and "Six Thinking Hats".

I was rather disappointed since I had high expectations from it. Aug 19, Andrew Knighton rated it liked it Shelves: on-writing. This contained some really interesting exercises and ideas for thinking about how to expand on a subject and to come up with more creative approaches and ideas.

I found the frequency of examples around gender roles a bit off putting, as they only led to conclusions that seemed obvious to me, and probably would to anybody with feminist sympathies. The author also occasionally came across as slightly too pleased with himself. Still, interesting to read someone thinking about how we think, and it's This contained some really interesting exercises and ideas for thinking about how to expand on a subject and to come up with more creative approaches and ideas.

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Still, interesting to read someone thinking about how we think, and it's given me some useful tools for idea generation. Apr 06, Nick rated it did not like it. This book came heartily recommended by someone whom I thought had a head on his shoulders. It turns out I was wrong; my headless friend recommended a truly silly book.

It's full of lists of questions with suggested answers that remind me of high school essay questions -- no, middle school essay questions -- that are supposed to make you more interesting by getting you to think about things you haven't. May 24, Kedar rated it it was ok. The book starts out okay but many a times forces you to make preposterous connections. Example: Link up "fork" and either one of "cow","running track","mosquito". Although he manages to connect these words somehow later, personally, it wasn't easy or even obvious how they connected.

And the book has 74 exercises, which were too boring, frankly speaking.

de Bono Consulting is committed to innovation in processes, products, problem solving, and more.

I would rather be "uninteresting" than finish the book. Apr 28, Dave rated it it was ok. I like Edward De Bono books, I really do, but found this book doesn't relate to the title at all. The reader is given a series of topics in which to note their thoughts, comparing them to the author's.

An example being 'Frog'. The topics are a little obtuse and may do just the opposite to the reason you read the book. Mar 27, Simon Sweetman rated it it was ok. I guess you could follow this through and do all of the exercises - but really, what's the point in that? Nov 14, Doug rated it did not like it Shelves: audio , awful. It took less than an hour of listening to this audio book to decide that the author needs to read this book. Oh wait - he wrote it and he's still not interesting. Epic Fail. Jul 28, Enrico Iglesias added it. May 12, Simon rated it really liked it.

Unsure about the title, the age first published , and the 'exercise' nature of the book, I took it on holiday all the same and devoured it in a couple of days. The title is misleading probably just to shift it off the shelves. If you want to understand the creative mechanics of conversation and how to enhance the flow, value, engagement and enjoyment of conversation, then this book is a good read. That said, if you're already curious about how to enhance the flow, value, engagement and e Unsure about the title, the age first published , and the 'exercise' nature of the book, I took it on holiday all the same and devoured it in a couple of days.

And don't be put off by the warning on Exercise 61 "The is a very difficult exercise and you can skip it if you want" , as this was my favourite exercise! He keeps a bunch of snakes in his home - he has short fat ones, multi-coloured ones, incredibly slow ones, stealthy ones, extremely long ones and chameleons. He's an unofficial snake expert. He's also a murderer. He's committed three but is finally caught after his fourth murder.

He's tried, found guilty for all murders and sentenced to 50 years in a high security prison. The one he serves in is a single, high-rise building that occupies the entire prison grounds it exists on. In this prison, each week on a Friday they new prisoners are able to apply to work in a 'post' within the prison.