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This former terrorist, whose purpose was eradicating the early church, was now a role model, mentor, and example for others to follow. Paul knew the gospel would continue beyond his life because he invested in the discipleship of new believers. If I asked you to describe some of your mentors, what qualities would rise to the top of the list? What are the qualities you seek to learn from others? What strengths in your own life can you share with others? Whether it was sexual immorality, honoring governing leaders, or taking the gospel to all people, Paul addressed practical questions and real-life problems.

If you want to be a leader who mentors like Paul, find ways to encourage others with practical wisdom. Recently, I emailed a mentor who lives several states away, but I knew she could help me with a practical issue at work. She had the experience and spiritual depth to speak into my life, and because of our ongoing relationship, I trust her.

Mentoring His Way: Disciple Twelve Volume 2: Personal Characteristics of a Godly Life

Whether he considered himself the chief of sinners or a prisoner for the gospel, he revealed the growing depth of his own spiritual journey. As leaders, you are only capable of giving others what you have put into your spiritual walk. Mentors speak from the overflow of how God is molding them into His image. I think Paul learned some of this the hard way.

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Our values and character are developed deep within our soul. Our character is manifested through the body by our behavior. When the body is under the control of the Holy Spirit, it is an obedient servant. Being Love Motivated - I love my family more than I love myself. The second personal characteristic of a Godly life is understanding the importance of the family. In no other place is it more important to remember that our purpose as Christians is to conform to the image of Christ. To have a Godly life, we need to make love our motive in all relationships, especially relationships within our family.

Love needs to be the golden thread that holds our families together Being Extremely Valued - I know and love who I am in Christ. I am extremely valued. The third personal characteristic of a Godly life is about the person - primarily our self-image. As others emulate our lives, it is important that we exemplify a positive attitude about who we are in Christ. To do this, we must first know how special we are to our Heavenly Father, because of our relationship in Christ.

Being Christ-actualized - I am Christ-actualized rather than self-actualized. The fourth personal characteristic of a Godly life is learning how to apply motivation.

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Motivation is the inner drive in each of us that keeps us continuously striving toward the attainment of the goals we have set until such attainment is achieved. Having a Godly Life means that we are motivated to become like Christ. Product Details About the Author. About the Author Dr. He and his wife Sarah, co-founded the Christian Mentors Network in Roy is a man who has had many unique life experiences. In his early childhood days, he was forced to adapt to living in fourteen different foster homes.

As an ambitious businessman, he saw the rise and fall of his own multi-million-dollar corporation, which led to the humbling adjustment of a life in prison confinement. This was a lesson in what can happen to a Christian who dares to take their eyes off Jesus for a time. This book has not been written by a perfect man or by one whose life has always been a model for others to follow. Roy's life has not always been easy. He, like all true Christians, has been and is a work of God "in process.

The hearts and hands of mentoring

When we read this we usually think of Their physical appearances, but He was also speaking of seeing Their perfect examples and all the divine attributes embodied in Their majestic leadership. He who is our Great Redeemer was fully qualified to become such, because He was and is the Great Emulator! The ways that we can emulate Jesus, therefore, are many. These will focus on how Jesus tutors and mentors His disciples and followers. Each of us, from time to time, is mentored and has chances to mentor.

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In my experience, truthful and caring one-liners that occur within such nurturing relationships have a long shelf life! It moves and touches you still. Such has been the case with me. My own father joined the Church in Later he wrote in his personal history about how Bishop Arthur Shurtleff and the Young Men superintendent, Jesse Fox, taught him both before and after his baptism. How grateful we are to have had that particular convert retained and mentored! His eyes were then opened so that he too saw the reassuring horses and chariots of fire. Instead, they were true invitations, though only the meek may actually respond.

Some are multidispensational, such as the question to the returning and healed leper about the forgetful ingratitude of his peers. An entire frame of reference was changed by an inspired question.

Executive Summary

There are tactical advantages as well as spiritual advantages that can accompany inspired questions. Others may not respond, of course. Nevertheless, the invitations are clearly there, for quality questions linger, especially if they are asked in love. The Lord tells us that He chastens those whom He loves. In fact, the chastened may be the only individuals willing so to learn see Mosiah Reflect on the next question, asked of the anxious parents who had searched for the missing, youthful Christ.

What was His question to them? Even sincere anxiety, if we are not careful, can obscure what is really going on. Ironically, pointed questions can widen our perspectives. These can be part of the mentoring process.

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  • Consider another example. The question was not asked in self-pity or shoulder-shrugging fatigue. This scriptural affirmation was a Western Hemispheric match for what happened in the Holy Land see Matt. What had happened was so unprecedented and fundamental, hence it was vital to have the foretelling prophecy recorded. Though regarded as a foolish teaching by the world, prophets can know of things yet to come! Is your and my praise of others so deserved and specific?

    Commendation was conveyed to a whole congregation on one occasion. A whole congregation is commended very specifically. By its very nature, mentoring is an exercise filled with hope.

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    • It is the same developmental discipleship that should be the objective for all of us. These next words show how Christ will often give us His diagnosis of a situation, but it is not necessarily a despairing diagnosis. It states the real deficiencies and invites us to work upon them successfully. The emancipation that can come with forgiveness is clearly part of the lubricant of love that the Lord wants to be pervasive in His Church. How long has it been since someone emancipated you for some small misstep or miswording of a communication?

      How often do you and I perform reasonably well in phase one, only to slacken in phase two or three? Or do we expect our effortless petitions to the Lord to be quickly and automatically rewarded? Christ often corrected before commending. The brother of Jared experienced three hours involving divine correction. This is the Lord we worship, and His divinity is seen in His qualities, His work in our lives, and the mentoring and tutoring examples that are supplied.

      Now, you are going to live out your lives in contemporary society. It is a society in which, instead of a rush to judgment, there is almost a rush to mercy, because people are so anxious to be nonjudgmental. Many have quite a confused understanding of mercy and justice. People tend to shy away from correction even when it might be helpful. Of this tendency, C. That is the important paradox. Consider this. Is it not the case, brothers and sisters, that often the highly conscientious also need counsel, though perhaps of a different sort?

      Course corrections continue to be vital for us all. As always, His response was measured and appropriate. Some of the most important prayers we have offered are those that were not answered as we hoped they might have been. There is mentoring in that process too.

      Titus 2 - Godly Training for Women

      What marvelous and merciful imagery! We recognize that we have taken the course before, and here we go again! Real adoration of Jesus as our Savior but also as the perfect leader will lead us to emulation of Him. Brothers and sisters, we cannot really learn any deep or lasting things about Jesus unless we take His yoke upon us.