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Plus, 59 percent of knowledge workers say they always prefer using video conferencing to work travel, with 73 percent of knowledge workers who work remotely half the time or more saying their work-related travel has been reduced thanks to the availability of video and web conferencing services. Email is still the main communication tool with 87 percent of respondents agreeing that it's the primary mode of communication employees use within their organization.

Looking to the near future, virtual assistants are likely to make more impact in the workplace. More than two out of five knowledge workers say voice-activated virtual assistants would be helpful in a work setting for things like providing calendar updates and voice prompts for calendar reminders 48 percent , taking notes based on conversations 45 percent and transcribing voice prompts into text to be sent in emails 44 percent. Also 40 percent of millennials say it would be helpful to launch video and voice meetings by simply asking a voice-activated virtual assistant.

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From mobile applications to video conferencing to email and voice assistance, employees want technology that works for them, not the other way around," says Costin Tuculescu, VP of collaboration product at Intermedia. Additionally, as a result of these technologies removing location restrictions and promoting a more flexible work environment, companies can experience a positive impact on their ability to recruit, hire, and retain top talent. You can read more about the findings on the Intermedia website.

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All Rights Reserved. Privacy Policy - Cookie Policy. How technology is changing the way we work By Ian Barker Published 11 months ago. Got News? Contact Us. Apple ditching the wonderful MacBook butterfly keyboard is a huge mistake. Companies turn to instant messaging in response to rising email threats. Others find it difficult to slow down and explain the work to be delegated. Until recently the solution for executives was to use technology hacks to try and increase productivity, but the emergence of virtual assistant providers has made it possible for them to delegate to a trained assistant.

More and more leaders are recognizing that managed solutions save valuable time that should be spent on more important tasks. Employees require training, time, and developmental effort.

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Administrative support should streamline executive performance, not add another set of tasks. Taussig shares, "Managed administrative services help executives get productive with an assistant more quickly, peeling off the work that they otherwise might never get around to delegating. They also maintain continuity so that you are not left working to recruit and inspire a part of the workforce that is not core to moving your company forward.

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A major factor driving this shift is the growing number of social technologies that enable collaboration in virtual settings. Add in the fact that the first generation of digital natives is maturing in the workforce and it makes sense why workers are looking for a change in where they can get their work done.

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Past perceptions of virtual workers included concerns about laziness and assumed that people wanted to work from home because it was easier to work less. The data would indicate otherwise, as most millennials believe that enabling work away from the office makes them more efficient. Fears about Artificial Intelligence and automation are becoming the norm in the workforce, with doomsday predictions about AI completely replacing the human workforce. While the way we work may need to be rewritten down the road, for the time being, it would seem that AI might actually help individuals become more effective and defend the value of human output.

A major hedge fund, Bridgewater Associates, is actively using AI solutions to help increase the productivity of its employees. Rating systems, data analysis, and recorded meetings all help create a data-driven map for decision making.

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So much so that the firm is considering handing key management tasks over to machines. Again this information might cause concern for managers, but Devin Fidler of the Institute for the Future explains that AI "needs human decision making to set objectives. The key for organizations will be to honestly assess whether or not current practices can keep up with global trends.