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Such terror, in turn, only makes it harder for the police to do their jobs. In , while working for a predecessor of the Drug Enforcement Administration, he partnered with G. Gordon Liddy for something called Operation Intercept, stopping every car that left Mexico to check for drugs. Still, the signs were there.

She later dropped the suit when she transferred to another agency, but she maintains that Arpaio actively sought to marginalize Hispanic agents in the Phoenix office. The role of sheriff retains a powerful hold on the public imagination in Arizona. Arpaio began focusing on illegal immigration about six years ago, after he watched an ambitious politician named Andrew Thomas get elected chief prosecutor of Maricopa County by promising to crack down on illegal immigrants. The move may have been indefensible from a legal standpoint, but it was political gold: Arpaio quickly ramped up his arrest numbers, bringing him a round of fresh media attention.

The sheriff made a splash by setting up roadblocks to detain any drivers who looked like they could be in the U. Reports of pull-overs justified by little or no discernible traffic violations were soon widespread: Latinos in the northeastern part of the county, one study shows, were nine times more likely to be pulled over for the same infractions as other drivers.

By loudly targeting illegal immigration, Arpaio has become a regular on Fox News and a hero to the Tea Party. And he regularly courts celebrities. He has made a show of including action stars like Lou Ferrigno and Steven Seagal in his immigration posses, the informal groups Arpaio uses to conduct freelance patrols on behalf of the county. He was able to capitalize on that and he became the hero, the only guy who would single-handedly go after it. Arpaio has even fought with other law enforcement. Infuriated, Arpaio responded by conducting a late-night raid on the Mesa City Hall, ostensibly looking for illegal immigrants.

Arpaio, for his part, refuses to acknowledge the validity of any of his critics. T he morning after Joe Arpaio learns about the Justice Department lawsuit, he holds a pre-emptive press conference at a police-training center on the outskirts of town. His staff had labored until midnight to complete a brochure detailing new guidelines for improving community relations.

The cover image is of a Latino family petting a police dog. I love dealing with the Hispanic community! Instead of filing a lawsuit, prosecutors requested that Arpaio accept a federal monitor inside his office to observe his operation, something the Justice Department successfully tried with the Los Angeles Police Department in The same day the Justice Department released its report, Homeland Security stripped Arpaio of his power to jail and deport illegal immigrants on behalf of the federal government.

The sheriff vowed to keep going after immigrants by arresting them for things like minor traffic infractions and then turning them over to be deported.

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He also dismissed the Justice Department report as a political move by the Obama administration, meant to curry favor with Latinos in the upcoming presidential election. Election year. Sitting in his office later that morning, Arpaio dismisses Perez as trying to score points with Latinos. Are we in Mexico here? Arpaio likes to hand out copies of the letter he received from the Justice Department in March informing him of the investigation, pointing to it as proof that the move is a political hit job by Obama. In reality, the investigation was set in motion during George W.

Perez adds that the fact-finding began well before he arrived in office, prompted by years of press reports and complaints from individuals and organizations in Arizona over abuses by Arpaio and his men. Arpaio is similarly brazen about the Justice Department lawsuit, promising to eviscerate the claims before a jury.

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This is a divided community. I did it myyyy way…. We talk, talk, talk… I miss you, Neil. Arpaio has planned another press conference for after lunch. Changes monthly.

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Check website for details. MJ Candido President. Rand Rd. Palatine, IL Ghost Prophets - Richmond, IL. Sabre07 live.

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An anti-Trump rally, focused on Russian interference in the election, is also planned for Saturday. Wrapping around those events will be the annual Fiesta D. The annual parade is scheduled from 1 p. Constitution Avenue is scheduled to be closed from about a.

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On Sunday, the related Fiesta D. Registration is set to begin at p. The first of the 10, or so runners are due to start near the Washington Monument just after 7 a. Half marathon runners have until a. While the festival officially runs from noon to 7 p. During the closure, D. On Sunday, fans may not want to plan to take Metro home after the game since the rail system now closes at 11 p.

The last train leaves Navy Yard-Ballpark for Greenbelt at p.

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