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Their relationship may still be deeply connected to friends, family, religious or spiritual ideals, financial stability, and their mutual, important history. They may also abhor facing social judgments that can span from support to shame. Both partners struggle to balance between continuing a besieged relationship and experiencing the grief of splitting up.

Betrayals come in many forms. When couples look back in time, they realize that some might have been predictable. Others seem to have crept up, without the partners realizing that an inevitable breach was about to occur. Even when a relationship seems healthy and unassailable, they can fall prey to a betrayal that cannot be easily predicted or explained.

Most people hold the word betrayal as synonymous with infidelity. Perhaps that is because it is the most common form of broken trust in an intimate relationship, and represents the most basic elements that destroy faith between intimate partners. Committed partners traditionally promise one another that they will remain faithful for the duration of their relationship and they use that sacred agreement as the foundation of all other trusts between them.

When one breaks that promise, the fallout from that deception infiltrates the sexual, emotional, mental, and spiritual bond that couple have based their love upon. Though both men and women share many overlapping emotional responses to being betrayed by a partner, the men I see often experience the loss differently. Even if they initially try to see their partner as having been taken advantage of by that other man, they eventually come to the realization that their deceiving partner had to have had a part in her decision, making it harder for them to forgive her.

Perhaps they feel that they have not been sexually satisfying or that men have a harder time being committed to just one woman. Even though they know that their partners made the decision to deceive, but still wonder what they might have done wrong. The sting of being replaced and the fear of loss often eclipse their legitimate feelings of betrayal.

Those confusing contradictions are most often manifested in alternate feelings of rage and grief. Though infidelity encompasses areas that are familiar to most, there are other breaches of trust that can be as equally destructive to a relationship. They produce similar feelings and reactions, and the same challenges for couples to overcome.

For example, the repeated patterns of people caught up in addictions can slowly erode the trust of any intimate partner. Those trying-hard-to-keep-believing partners often come to me riddled with the anguish of multiple broken promises from partners who have vowed to give up compulsive and destructive patterns of self-abuse. They want to believe each new set of promises, but wear thin over time being unable to compete with the demons that pull their partners away.

Why, then, if betrayal is so destructive to most relationships, do couples find themselves so often enmeshed in them, and what do they need to understand to not only make them less likely to happen but possible to overcome? When couples commit to a relationship, they agree to follow the ethics , values, and behaviors that will ensure that their relationship continues to thrive. Depending on how well they know themselves and each other, they make those agreements in good faith, and trust that each will live by them.

What each partner was very willing to commit to at the beginning of the relationship often needs reevaluation and revision as the relationship matures. If intimate partners are open and authentic with each other from the start, they let one another know right away if the original agreements need to be re-examined. They then work hard at renegotiating them to keep the partnership up-to-date and alive. They find no need to keep their thoughts and feelings from one another even if they are hard to express.

In that kind of atmosphere of openness and authenticity, they do not allow secrecy to take root. Unfortunately, that level of courageous and heroic openness is not typical for most partners. In many committed relationships, one or both partners may, over time, not feel as comfortable with his or her initial commitments and fear reprisal or loss if they confess them.

Understandably reticent to share those potentially threatening feelings, that partner may keep them silent, hoping the thoughts or feelings are just a passing fancy and will hopefully dissipate over time. Sometimes, they do. But, at other times, they begin to take on a life of their own, becoming more difficult to ignore or confess. As those experiences grow stronger, they become the drivers that push that partner into acting upon them. Here is an illustration. Many years ago, I was working with a couple whose relationship was on the brink of disaster. There had been no infidelity, no addiction , no unspoken redistribution of funds, or any breaking of the bonds of devotion to family.

Brink of Disaster: That One by Danielle Allen

Yet, what happened between them made reconciliation and healing impossible. John and Mary fictitious names had grown up in the same town and known each other since the fourth grade.

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From food and water scarcity to the declining quality of the air we breathe, the evidence has never been clearer. We are, however, in many instances failing to make the link. We act as Homo technologicus, with the mindset of our hunter-gatherer ancestors. Alongside the technological revolution, we need an equally unprecedented cultural revolution in the way we connect with the planet. Every day, new evidence of our unsustainable impact on the environment is emerging. A destabilized climate generates more frequent and deadly extreme weather.

This has happened in less than two generations. Forests are under pressure like never before, through unabated deforestation. Our oceans are under great stress. We dump plastic and toxic chemicals into the sea, poisoning our own food. In a generation, the world has lost nearly half of its marine species populations. Biodiversity — the complex web of life made by millions of species, plants, bacteria and fungi — underpins the natural systems that we take for granted; systems that provide us with the air we breathe, the food we eat and the water we drink.

It maintains the ecosystems that society needs to thrive, ensuring access to essential raw materials, commodities and services.

5 Ways To Save Your Marriage From The Brink Of Disaster

The unprecedented loss of biodiversity we are seeing today is an existential threat to human life and economic development. If the biodiversity index were considered akin to the stock market, our planet would be heading for a spectacular crash. Too big to fail, you could say. Regular access to quality freshwater is also vital for most businesses and industries — in manufacturing, heating, cooling, cleaning or as an ingredient.

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  6. Our civilisation finds itself at a crossroads. The equation is a simple one: we will not build a stable, prosperous and equitable future for humanity on a degraded planet. Technology will no doubt change our lives and we are already seeing breakthroughs in conservation.

    The renewable energy revolution is probably the most impressive example of the positive impact of new technologies. Remote sensing technologies allow to monitor the state of the planet like never before. Blockchain is being used to establish systems of certification and traceability for agricultural commodities and fish so that consumers can be assured of their origin, legality and sustainability.

    Financial institutions have a huge role to play. But not just dating, online dating. And not just online dating, online dating in her thirties. And it made her appreciate and want to hold on to the good men she did find. But when a chance encounter forced her hand, Desiree had to make a choice. And now, so do you. Our happiness is a direct reflection of the choices we make and the people with whom we choose to involve ourselves. To a certain degree, the life we live is a sum of our choices. We are a sum of our choices. Choose wisely. Get A Copy.

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    Sep 20, Rena rated it really liked it. Short but informative This book was short but informative. Desiree went with her head and not her heart. Even though she didn't want to admit it, she was happy with Miles but she was settling also. Things ended like they should have. Sep 10, LaTanya Galloway rated it it was amazing. Ah, the plot thickens So, I was totally intrigued with the seemily two different endings. I totally fell in love with the other option with Charles and how it played out. This one with Miles, was just a swoon worthy, yet ole Vincent Charles wouldn't go away.

    Even though, the different scenario concept was different, in my opinion, it wasn't needed since Charles is the one who really holds her heart, the relationship with Miles was just a place holder, and even after a year Charles makes an ap Ah, the plot thickens So, I was totally intrigued with the seemily two different endings. Charles makes an appearance. That's the only take away, and it's still a great story.

    Now, I hope we will get a complete, uninterrupted story of Desiree and Charles coming together. Sep 15, Samona rated it really liked it. Wow This ending was wow. I was teamcharles because it is something about Miles. This was good one but would like to know happen after. Aug 23, Trish Watson rated it really liked it.

    Loved It! That ending was everything.

    Masters of Love

    I thought this work was presented very well. And I honestly wanted that ending, but didn't see it coming, so that was great! Hope this series continues on to at least one more book.

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