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【CGUBA238】Paul Williams & The Victory Trio 11/26/2004 Vol.1

Format: Paperback Verified Purchase. This is a great team Origin story. Love the art work and the story is big and bold enough to live up to live up to it. This volume contains all six issues of the New 52 Justice League. It also has the cover gallery of big A4 pages and the sketch designs.

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However these are all extras and would not mean anything if the story did not deliver. This one does. This volume is set 5 year before any of the other New 52 book this is the first time most of the 7 main characters have met each other, or anyone with their power levels that was not a bad guy. The story. Batman is investigation "paranormal demon" type creatures using super advanced teleportation technology.

Justice League, Vol. 1: The Totality

He meets the Green Lantern a powerful young man with a huge chip on his shoulder and also investigating the same tech. Discovering it the tech is alien in origin they think it might be connected to the most famous and powerful alien on the planet Superman, after the usual brawl to be the alpha and other getting involved they discover the techs are the key to an alien invasion now with the planet at stake they must shelve their egos and work together.

Everyone brings something to the table. A pretty simple idea that is done excellently. This comics is full of big action scenes. Lot of explosions, and displays of power, with Jim Lee's big panel artwork to showcase this all. I love the new character design of the New 52 heroes and villains. All in all an awesome action packed comic. One person found this helpful. Format: Hardcover Verified Purchase.

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Well, this book has great looks if you adore Lee's style, I know some people despise it , some nice interaction between characters but completely dumb plot and a generic villain with bazillions of minions looks like this is the way in superheroes group stories. If you don't expect too much from it in regards to plot which, let's be honest, is not a selling point here , you can have actual good time with it. Flashy bad pun, sorry fun but not much else. For years I have considered myself a loyal Marvel fan, buying primarily Marvel products and giving little attention to other works.

I think the issue was that I've always followed the Marvel mythology and I knew that the DC Universe has a longer, more complex history. But this comic has left me wanting more.

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This comic is part of The New 52, a kind-of universe reboot which starts from scratch, reintroducing the classic DC characters in a 21st Century setting with no need for prior knowledge. As a new reader, this comic allows you to embrace a new comic book universe. The situation that brings the characters together is an awesome one which really gets you on your toes and caring for what happens to the characters. Jim Lee's art is just fantastic. The classic costumes are given realism and function and still look like classic adventure heroes. The plot is While Jim Lee's art is fantastic, Geoff Johns' writing is not so much.

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The plot is basically nonexistent because the story is mainly wall-to-wall noise and senseless action. Like Marvel's Siege, there's not enough plot development and the characters don't really get any depth. For example, Aquaman is kind of thrown in half way in and has very little input to the story following. Conversely the character Cyborg, a lesser-known DC character, is given an origin story and tons of depth, which is quite nice.

There is also content which makes no sense and the character are introduced with no backstory and no explanation. We are introduced by Batman on page 1, with no mention of his origins, his real name or his relation to other characters. He is chasing an alien antagonist, demanding he tells him what he was doing at "the docks", and we are given no explanation, and never get an answer.

Green Lantern shows up out of nowhere to save the caped crusader and just as little effort is given in introducing the character or his relation to the plot. Superman comes in acting like a total tool, attacking Green Lantern and Batman straight away, very uncharacteristically. Later, Batman unmasks himself to Green Lantern and tells him his name.

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There is no good reason. So again, like Marvel's Siege by Brian Michael Bendis and Olivier Coipel, the art is glorious but the action is monotonous and mindless, with generic villains thrown in. However, it's still an extremely exciting comic book and the characters are fun to see using their unique powers and it will really let you get into these new comics.

On paper, Origin is a by-the-book standard team up story. You have the main heroes who clash at first but then settle their differences and team up to take on the larger threat. The larger threat in this story is Darkseid but his minions at times seem like more of a threat as Darkseid only makes a few brief appearances. I can understand why Johns used him in the book, it's to suggest a bigger plot is coming and looking at the last few pages in this book, that seems to be the case.

The book contains issues 1 to 6 so this is the very first New 52 Justice League arc and overall I enjoyed it. Yeah the plot is the same as the first act of the Avengers film, which did it better but there is some fun to be had. I especially liked the dynamic between Batman and Green Lantern and wouldn't mind if this is built upon in later stories.

Impulse has already become bored and is itching for some action. Nearby, an archaeological dig is in process at an ancient crater. The professor in charge, Nina Dowd , discovers what looks like a wheel in the crater.

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  6. The second Nina touches the wheel, she is engulfed in an apparent explosion. Back at the cave, the boys accidentally awaken Red Tornado , who was hidden in the old Justice League headquarters as a "statue" or so the three boys thought. Red Tornado makes a Freudian analysis of Robin, Superboy and Impulse, classifying them all within the categories of id, ego, and superego. During this occurrence, Impulse finds out about the disturbance at the archaeological dig.

    The team arrives and quickly encounters numerous journalists and a group of DEO agents led by the duo known as Fite n' Maad. Impulse takes off toward the newly found, cocoon-like artifact and, without thinking, phases his head through it, which makes it explode. Nina Dowd emerges from the shattered cocoon, converted into a villain, calling herself the Mighty Endowed. As the trio prepares to fight her, she doesn't prove to be an immediate threat, as she is toppled over by her own assets, which are too heavy for her.