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He is just the guy she sees herself with. He has also been broken by people he loved. These two complete each ot Oh my! These two complete each other and heal the other. They are one half of the whole. What happens when the past comes knocking? Tyler and Amy love each other so completely, that they will crumble without the other. This story has passion, lust, love, hurt and forgiveness. Jan 30, Elle rated it it was ok. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.

Female Sexuality in Depicted Short Stories by Kate Chopin

Disappointed To be quite honest I'm disappointed. The author builds up this epic love story between Tyler and Amy. I read through about a hundred pages of 'how their love grew, strengthed, evolved into something life altering. Just up and leaves with a shitty minimal excuse. No calls, no communication, nothing for 4 months. It nearly destroyed her. That's total BS and not even remotely believable.

As a woman I'm super vexed that the author made Amy so spineless in the end. She didn't even make him work to earn her trust back It sends a message to women that it's okay to be a doormat for a man. I'm soooooooo not okay with that. Jan 22, Lisa Pate rated it it was amazing. I received this book as a gift of an advanced read copy and I would like to give an honest opinion of what I have read.

This is the second book of this series and I think that it is better than the first book; which is an unusual thing to say. I love all of the characters, and the fact that it does deal with some real issues that some of us can relate to. I have to warn you though that you will most definitely need so tissues cl I received this book as a gift of an advanced read copy and I would like to give an honest opinion of what I have read.

I have to warn you though that you will most definitely need so tissues close by at certain points but it is worth it. Amy works as the receptionist for her best friend and veterinarian Vesper. In the last book Vesper and Liam hooked up he owns a ranch and she is training a new vet to take over for him there. She is also opening another clinic and supervising with the building and set up of that as well.

To say that she is a bit of a control freak is an understatement but she is a very good friend with Amy. When Vesper is not at the clinch that Amy is at there is another vet work his name is Jacob. McStuffy or Dr. She misses not having her best friend around all of the time. After work she goes a couple of towns over to check on her mom. This is something that she dreads. Her mother is a hopeless alcoholic and has been since Amy can remember. Her older brother Ethan had literally raised her until he turned eighteen then he enlisted in the military and has not been back since.

Now Amy tries to keep her mother alive by coming by and paying her bills, and getting her food to eat. However when she arrives there the trash piled up on the curb and it is filled with empty vodka bottles. There are empty vodka bottles every where, unpaid bills all over the kitchen table and a sink of dirty dishes. Coming back the next day her mother is up and has candles lite everywhere meaning that the electricity has been cut off once again.

When Amy tries to talk to her, her mother just lashes out telling Amy never to come back again. So that is what Amy does. Amy leaves and instead of going home she goes to her local bar and gets a drink and to sort things and this is when she meet Tyler. When she wakes up and finds him gone she misses him not being there. She also feels like there are things missing in her life and she is not sure as to what to do about it, but she knows that she is not happy.

She talks with Vesper when she gets to work and tells her all that is going on. A job that she loves, and a man that loves her just as much as she loves him. You know the saying about borrowing money from your friends. She tells her friend not to say anything to Liam, she would do it with a presentation and on her own terms.

She has a business degrees from college so she does know what she needs to do to get the ball rolling. It is not long after this that Vesper and Liam take a weeks vacation and have Amy house sit for them and help Tyler with some of the chores around the ranch. When she gets there she and Tyler get back together once again. But Tyler wants it to be a no strings attached type of deal. Amy however is developing strong feelings for him. Will she be able to not get her heart involved; or will Tyler change his mind and open his heart to her. What if he does do that will he stick around. Amy has a lot of baggage what with her mother and thinking about a career change.

This story is so rich with emotions but I think the most important thing about the book is trying to teach a person to let go of the past. Forgive each other and start to work on a better and brighter future. This book is well worth whatever you need to do to read it. I loved, loved, loved it. Feb 23, A. ARC was given to me by author. My review is given voluntarily and all comments and thoughts on this book are mine alone.

It was soooooo good!!! This book got me right from the start, it was so freaking good! I have to say that it has a very important serious subject, the emotions of it really got to me. This is one of the best ARC was given to me by author. This is one of the best books I've read lately. Amy and Tyler were two broken down people, they didn't do serious relationships, only having fun and one night stand hookups. They were 2 peas in a pod, but deep down they both had suffered through a lot of pain and heartbreaks in their lives.

Amy grew up having to deal with her mother's drunkenness. She became the mother versus being the daughter. She is unhappy with her life, she needs a change but feels stuck without any options were to start. Tyler always wanted to be a rancher, he's wanted to own his own ranch. All that was thrown upside down, when he was betrayed by the last person who he had expected, that could hurt him so much.

He just ran away! I was rooting for Amy and Tylet to make it, be happy together-they made their way into my heart. Their chemistry together was so HOT, steamy goodness. It felt natural the way it was developed. This book was about relationships, loved Vesper and Liam, maturity, learning to forgive, learning to open your heart again to love, it also had its share of painful emotions- Alcoholism!!! Just be strong enough to go forth and realize your dreams like Amy did! Alexis you did a fantastic job with this book, thank you!

Jan 21, Jaclyn Amethyst Mae rated it it was amazing. Totally Gripping! A heartbreakingly beautiful story that's so touching and powerful, I couldn't put it down. Amy and Tyler's story burrowed deep into my heart. Her life seems so unfulfilled. Amy realized that she enjoyed going to work mainly because she got to spend the day with her best friend Vesper.

Working as a receptionist wasn Totally Gripping! Working as a receptionist wasn't what she had envisioned herself doing after college. Her coffee and bookstore is the trend. I hated that Tyler left Amy a dear John letter, but he too had some loose ends to tie up. He had to make amends with his family and going back home was the second-best thing that could have happened to him. Amazing read. Love the plotline, character development, and HEA.

A definite recommend. Looking forward to her next book. My most memorable quote…. What if she ends up in the same boat as her mother? Thank you! Jan 20, Linda Reads rated it it was amazing. That she knows! She is also responsible for taking care of her alcoholic mother while her brother Ethan is in the military. Amy meets Tyler when she promises to help Vesper and Liam at the ranch while they are away. Now Amy has to make a decision: does she let things remain as they are, just fun or does she go for something more with Tyler?

When she makes that decision, we get…nope, get the book to find out more. There are some yummy scenes like in the kitchen up against the refrigerator, up against a tree, in the shower together or up against the door in the house, in the barn…you get the picture. I volunteered to review an Advance Reader Copy of this book through Booksprout and it comes highly recommended if you like smoking hot hanky-panky between consenting yummy adults with tearful moments before they get their HEA.

Jan 21, Tracey rated it really liked it. Amy Brighton is the receptionist at her best friend Vesper's animal clinic. Amy is a bright woman who is feeling lost now that her best friend is getting married and not is involved in starting up another clinic. Not to mention, her mother is in constant need to be taken care of, and her brother, Ethan, is away in the military. As she tries to get out of her own head and relax at the local bar, she runs into Tyler, the ranch hand at the O'Connor ranch. Things between the two take off rather slowly, much more slowly than Amy would like.

But, things do progress She knew something was up, but didn't expect his up and leaving after professing his undying love! How can Amy go on? What happened to take him away so suddenly? Will Amy have the strength to open her dream coffee shop now? I really feel for Amy, she puts her all into everything she does, always. Tyler, on the other hand seemed spectacular in his own right, until this. Their love and future seemed so promising. I truly enjoyed this latest from Ms.

Winter and look forward to many more. Unfortunately, this resulted in a dozen deaths by conflagration. These days, glitterdust is used sparingly, and only by experienced alchemists. The most common form of the substance is Volatile Glitterdust. If gathered from caves where darkspawn dwell, the rock produces a powder known as Tainted Glitterdust. Codex entry The Grey Wardens. The first Blight had already raged for 90 years.

The world was in chaos. A god had risen, twisted and corrupted. The remaining gods of Tevinter were silent, withdrawn. What writing we have recovered from those times is filled with despair, for everyone believed, from the greatest archons to the lowliest slaves, that the world was coming to an end.

At Weisshaupt fortress in the desolate Anderfels , a meeting transpired. Soldiers of the Imperium , seasoned veterans who had known nothing their entire lifetimes except hopeless war, came together. When they left Weisshaupt, they had renounced their oaths to the Imperium. They were soldiers no longer: They were the Grey Wardens. The Wardens began an aggressive campaign against the Blight, striking back against the darkspawn , reclaiming lands given up for lost.

The Blight was far from over, but their victories brought notice, and soon they received aid from every nation in Thedas. They grew in number as well as reputation. Finally, in the year of the Tevinter Imperium, upon the Silent Plains , they met the archdemon Dumat in battle. A third of all the armies of northern Thedas were lost to the fighting, but Dumat fell and the darkspawn fled back underground.

Four have risen as archdemons. The Grey Wardens have kept watch through the ages, well aware that peace is fleeting, and that their war continues until the last of the dragon-gods is gone. Codex entry Hierarchy of the Circle. It is no simple matter, safeguarding ordinary men from mages , and mages from themselves.

Each Circle tower must have some measure of self-government, for it is ever the Maker 's will that men be given the power to take responsibility for our own actions: To sin and fail, as well as to achieve the highest grace and glory on our own strength. You, who will be tasked with the protection of the Circle, must be aware of its workings. The first enchanter is the heart of any tower. He will determine the course his Circle will take, he will choose which apprentices may be tested and made full mages, and you will work most closely with him. Assisting the first enchanter will be the senior enchanters, a small council of the most trusted and experienced magi in the tower.

From this group, the next first enchanter is always chosen. Beneath the council are the enchanters. These are the teachers and mentors of the tower, and you must get to know them in order to keep your finger on the pulse of the Circle, for the enchanters will always know what is happening among the children. All those who have passed their Harrowing but have not taken apprentices are mages. This is where most trouble in a Circle lies, in the idleness and inexperience of youth. The untested apprentices are the most numerous denizens of any tower, but they more often pose threats to themselves, due to their lack of training, than to anyone else.

Codex entry History of Kirkwall: Chapter 1. It's difficult for many to comprehend today, but there was a time when Kirkwall was believed to be the very edge of the world. It was Emerius then, named after its founder Magister Emerius Krayvan, and it was but one outpost on the very fringe of the Tevinter Imperium.

There the magister's serfs worked the quarries for the jet stone needed for the mighty temples of Minrathous. After a slave rebellion nearly burned the temple to the ground in the great city, it was determined that a center for the slave trade would need to be established well away from the more civilized parts of the Imperium. Though this account may be exaggerated, since the notorious Archon Vanarius Issar narrowly escaped assassination at the hands of an elven slave at the time.

Because the new slave outpost would become wealthy beyond imagining, competition among prospects reportedly took over twenty years to resolve, resulting in great bloodshed in the frontier, well away from the archon's eyes. Magister took arms against magister, mostly in the form of small armies of serfs and mercenaries. Over half the slaves in existence allegedly died in these battles before Emerius was finally chosen, thanks to the marriage of Krayvan's son to the archon's daughter.

Within a mere decade, the mighty fortress was erected on the cliff where Kirkwall now stands. Over one million slaves passed through its gates before the Imperium eventually fell, an unimaginable number by today's standards. The Krayvan family itself became patrons of the next three archons and was one of the driving forces behind the extension of the Imperial Highway into the Fereldan Valley, a move that would cost them considerable political influence after the resistance of the Alamarri tribes. During its height, Emerius was a jewel to rival the mightiest of the Imperial cities and the greatest center of civilization outside Tevinter.

Codex entry History of Kirkwall: Chapter 2. As the Imperium 's borders slowly receded after the devastation of the First Blight and the subsequently barbarian invasion, many outposts in the area, known today as the Free Marches , were cut off from centers of power. Numerous warlords tried consolidating the region into a single kingdom, but resistance prevailed. Emerius held out for almost a century until it fell to a slave revolt in 25 Ancient.

It was not the first such revolt Emerius suffered, but it was the last. It started when an Alamarri slave named Radun began earning popularity and power by pushing for better conditions. Radun's growing influence prevented the magisters from touching him, but eventually they had him poisoned. Furious, a group of Radun's supporters stormed the Gallows and were massacred, and so began a bloody yearlong rebellion.

The city burned, and wealthy Hightown was sacked. The magisters hung before cheering crowds. Emerius assumed the new name of Kirkwall , "kirk" meaning "black," after its jet stone cliffs. The new city plunged into anarchy for over a decade, and its defenses fell into ruin. Kirkwall has been conquered many times since, the city's own independence suffering since the freeing of its slaves. Codex entry History of Kirkwall: Chapter 3.

The collected nations of Thedas were attempting to drive the Qunari from the northern mainland once and for all. Qunari armies were on the retreat, but in a desperate gamble, their fleet circled around the Amaranthine coast and landed a great force near the Marcher city of Ostwick. Their plan was to overwhelm the Marcher cities of Starkhaven and Kirkwall, Starkhaven to block the roads leading north, and Kirkwall to block ships on the Waking Sea coming from Orlais , all in an effort to deny supplies to the Thedas armies assaulting Rivain. The attack on Starkhaven eventually failed, but Kirkwall was attacked in a daring night raid where the Qunari used their leashed saarebas mages in an unprecedented display of sorcery.

The walls were torn down and the city was taken, and for the next four years, Kirkwall endured the most brutal occupation in its history. Writings from that time are scarce. It was not until after the city was freed that the Qunari's deeds came to light: children taken from families, forced conversion to the Qunari religion , and brutal labor camps. It's ironic that the old slave quarters of Lowtown , still intact after centuries, provided the perfect means for the Qunari to control the city's people.

When the famous Orlesian chevalier , Ser Michel Lafaille , rode into the city after finally defeating the Qunari defenders, he wrote, "Kirkwall is full of people with empty eyes that have had all independent thought driven from them. The Lafaille bloodline remained popular enough that when the city finally rebelled against Orlesian rule in Blessed, "viscount" remained the enduring title for Kirkwall's rulers despite its origin.

Codex entry History of Kirkwall: Chapter 4. The Threnhold family assumed its foreboding control of the city at the very onset of the Dragon Age , less than a week after Maric Theirin retook the Ferelden throne from Orlais. Since this was followed by a civil war in Antiva the much-maligned "Three Queens" era and a coup in the Tevinter Imperium , many thought that the Dragon Age would bring devastating change.

Perhaps this was a hasty estimate, but it was true for Kirkwall. Viscount Chivalry Threnhold was a vicious thug who took power through a campaign of intimidation, and his son Perrin who succeeded him in Dragon Age was even worse. Taxes were crippling and Perrin Threnhold used the ancient chains extending from "the Twins" standing at Kirkwall's harbor—unused since the New Exalted Marches —to block sea traffic and charge exorbitant fees from Orlesian ships. The Empire threatened invasion following the closure of the Waking Sea passage, and for the first time, the Chantry used the templars to pressure the viscount.

Until that point, the templars had done nothing to counter the Threnholds even though, as the largest armed force in Kirkwall, they could have. We are here to safeguard the city against magic, not against itself. In response, Viscount Perrin hired a mercenary army, forcing a showdown with the templars. They stormed the Gallows and hung Knight-Commander Guylian, igniting a series of battles that ended with Perrin's arrest and the last of his family's rule.

The templars were hailed as heroes, and even though they wished to remain out of Kirkwall's affairs, it was now forced upon them. Knight-Commander Meredith appointed Lord Marlowe Dumar as the new viscount in Dragon and she has remained influential in the city's rule ever since.

Codex entry The History of the Chantry: Chapter 1. The first Blight devastated the Tevinter Imperium. Not only had the darkspawn ravaged the countryside, but Tevinter citizens had to face the fact that their own gods had turned against them. Dumat , the Old God once known as the Dragon of Silence, had risen to silence the world, and despite the frenzied pleas for help, the other Old Gods did nothing.

The people of the Imperium began to question their faith, murdering priests and burning temples to punish their gods for not returning to help. In those days, even after the devastation of the first Blight, the Imperium stretched across the known world. Fringed with barbarian tribes, the Imperium was well prepared for invasions and attacks from without. Fitting, then, that the story of its downfall begins from within. The people of the far northern and eastern reaches of the Imperium rose up against their powerful overlords in rebellion.

The Tevinter magisters summoned demons to put down these small rebellions, leaving corpses to burn as examples to all who would dare revolt. The Imperium began to tear itself apart from within, throngs of angry and disillusioned citizens doing what centuries of opposing armies could not. But the magisters were confident in their power, and they could not imagine surviving a Blight only to be destroyed by their own subjects. Even after the Blight, Tevinter commanded an army larger than that of any other organized nation in Thedas, but that army was scattered and its morale dwindling.

The ruin of Tevinter was such that the Alamarri barbarians, who had spread their clans and holds over the wilderness of the Ferelden Valley at the far southeast edge of the Imperium, saw weakness in their enemy, and, after an age of oppression, embarked on a campaign not only to free their own lands, but to bring down mighty Tevinter as well. The leaders of that blessed campaign were the great barbarian warlord, Maferath , and his wife, Andraste.

Their dreams and ambitions would change the world forever. Codex entry The History of the Chantry: Chapter 2. When the prophet Andraste and her husband Maferath arrived at the head of their barbarian horde, southern Tevinter was thrown into chaos. The Imperium had defended against invasions in the past, but now they stood without the protection of their gods, with their army in tatters and their country devastated by the Blight. Many felt that the timing of the invasion was yet another of the Maker 's miracles in Andraste's campaign to spread His divine word.

Andraste was more than simply the wife of a warlord, after all--she was also the betrothed of the Maker. Enraptured by the melodic sound of her voice as she sang to the heavens for guidance, the Maker Himself appeared to Andraste and proposed that she come with Him, leaving behind the flawed world of humanity. In her wisdom, Andraste pleaded with the Maker to return to His people and create paradise in the world of men. The Maker agreed, but only if all of the world would turn away from the worship of false gods and accept the Maker's divine commandments. Armed with the knowledge of the one true god, Andraste began the Exalted Marches into the weakened Imperium.

One of the Maker's commandments, that magic should serve man rather than rule over him, was as honey to the souls of the downtrodden of Tevinter, who lived under the thumbs of the magisters. Word of Andraste's Exalted March, of her miracles and military successes, spread far and wide. Those in the Imperium who felt the Old Gods had abandoned them eagerly listened to the words of the Maker. Those throngs of restless citizens that destroyed temples now did so in the name of the Maker and His prophet, Andraste. As Maferath's armies conquered the lands of southern Tevinter, so did Andraste's words conquer hearts.

It is said that the Maker smiled on the world at the Battle of Valarian Fields, in which the forces of Maferath challenged and defeated the greatest army Tevinter could muster. The southern reaches of the mighty Imperium now lay at the mercy of barbarians. Faith in the Maker, bolstered by such miracles, threatened to shake the foundations of the Imperium apart. Of course, the human heart is more powerful than the greatest weapon, and when wounded, it is capable of the blackest of deeds. Codex entry The History of the Chantry: Chapter 3.

It is said that at the Battle of Valarian Fields, Maferath stood and looked out over his armies. He had conquered the southern reaches of the greatest empire the world had ever known and built splintered barbarian clans into a force to be feared. With pride in his heart, he turned to congratulate his men and found that they had turned from him.

Maferath fell to the evil of jealousy. After all that he had done, his wife was the one to receive all the glory. He saw his wife's power and influence, and tired of his place as second husband, below the Maker. His heart swelled with fury. If he had conquered just to have his wife wrested from him by a forgotten god and a legion of faith-hungry rabble, then perhaps this war was not worth the trouble. Here, history and the Chant of Light come apart.

History tells us that Maferath looked north into the central Imperium and saw nothing but more war against a rapidly regrouping army, and he despaired. The Chant of Light holds that Maferath chafed with jealousy of the Maker, and jealousy of the glory that Andraste received although it was he who led the armies. Maferath traveled to the Imperial capital of Minrathous to speak with the Archon Hessarian. There he offered up his wife to the Imperium in return for a truce that would end hostilities once and for all.

The archon , eager to put down the voice of the prophet that stirred his own people against him, agreed. Maferath led Andraste into an ambush where she was captured by Imperial agents, putting an end to her Exalted March. Crowds of loyalists stood in the central square of Minrathous to watch Andraste's execution.

By command of the archon, she was burned at the stake in what the Imperium believed to be the most painful punishment imaginable. According to the Chantry , however, Andraste was instead purified and made whole by the flames, ascending to life at her Maker's side. By all accounts, there was only silence where they expected screams.

At the sight of the prophet burning, the crowds were filled with a profound guilt, as if they had participated in a great blasphemy. So moving was the moment that the archon himself drew his sword and thrust it into the prophet's heart, ending her torment and leaving those assembled to consider the weight of what they had seen. Whereas the execution of Andraste was meant to be a symbol of defeat for the faith of the Maker, in truth it all but sealed the fate of the worship of the Old Gods and paved the way for the spread of the Maker's chant.

Codex entry The History of the Chantry: Chapter 4. The crowds present at the death of Andraste were right to feel despair. It is believed that the prophet's execution angered the Maker , and He turned His back on humanity once more, leaving the people of Thedas to suffer in the dark. In these dark times, mankind scrambled for a light, any light. Some found comfort in demonic cults that promised power and riches in return for worship. Others prayed to the Old Gods for forgiveness, begging the great dragons to return to the world.

Still others fell so low as to worship the darkspawn , forming vile cults dedicated to the exaltation of evil in its purest form. It is said that the world wept as its people begged for a savior who would not come. Andraste's followers, however, did not abandon her teachings when she died. The Cult of Andraste rescued her sacred ashes from the courtyard in Minrathous after her execution, stealing them away to a secret temple. The location of that temple has long been lost, but the ashes of Andraste served as a symbol of the enduring nature of the faith in the Maker, that humanity could earn the Maker's forgiveness despite its grievous insult to Him.

With time, the Cult of Andraste spread and grew, and the Chant of Light took form. Sing this chant in the four corners of Thedas, it was said, and the world would gain the Maker's attention at last. Those who converted to the Chantry's beliefs found it their mission to spread Andraste's word. There were many converts, including powerful people in the Imperium and in the city-states of what is now Orlais. Such was the power of the Maker's word that the young King Drakon undertook a series of Exalted Marches meant to unite the city-states and create an empire solely dedicated to the Maker's will.

The Orlesian Empire became the seat of the Chantry's power, the Grand Cathedral in Val Royeaux the source of the movement that birthed the organized Chantry as we know it today. Many within the Chantry revere him nearly as equal with Andraste herself. The modern Chantry is a thing of faith and beauty, but it is also a house of necessity, protecting Thedas from powerful forces that would do it harm.

Where the Grey Wardens protect the world from the Blights , the Chantry protects mankind from itself. Most of all, the Chantry works to earn the Maker's forgiveness, so that one day He will return and transform the world into the paradise it was always meant to be. Codex entry History of the Circle. It is a truth universally acknowledged that nothing is more successful at inspiring a person to mischief as being told not to do something.

Unfortunately, the Chantry of the Divine Age had some trouble with obvious truths. Although it did not outlaw magic--quite the contrary, as the Chantry relied upon magic to kindle the eternal flame which burns in every brazier in every chantry--it relegated mages to lighting candles and lamps.

Perhaps occasional dusting of rafters and eaves. I will give my readers a moment to contemplate how well such a role satisfied the mages of the time. It surprised absolutely no one when the mages of Val Royeaux , in protest, snuffed the sacred flames of the cathedral and barricaded themselves inside the choir loft. No one, that is, but Divine Ambrosia II, who was outraged and attempted to order an Exalted March upon her own cathedral.

Even her most devout Templars discouraged that idea. For 21 days, the fires remained unlit while negotiations were conducted, legend tells us, by shouting back and forth from the loft. The mages went cheerily into exile in a remote fortress outside of the capital, where they would be kept under the watchful eye of the Templars and a council of their own elder magi. Outside of normal society, and outside of the Chantry, the mages would form their own closed society, the Circle , separated for the first time in human history.

A mage who does not receive the teachings of the Circle and who does not have the words of Andraste in her heart is an apostate , and a danger to us all. Without the guidance of the holy Chantry , a mage may foolishly dabble in the darker arts— blood magic , or demon summoning, thus becoming maleficarum. And a mage's mind will ever be a doorway to spirits of the Fade ; without proper instruction, this doorway remains open and unsecured. If a demon should come through this doorway and possess a mage, an abomination is created. Abominations know only madness.

They cannot be reasoned with and will slaughter man, woman and child without thought. Whole cities have fallen to these creatures. Thousands have died at their hands. The Chantry and her templars have a duty to ensure that this does not happen. If I knew a better way to deal with magic, I would seize upon it immediately.

You say we should let the mages guard themselves. I tell you that this is no solution. Look at the Tevinter Imperium. Their magisters do not know restraint. Without Chantry oversight the magisters abuse their power. Those without magic are trampled underfoot and forced to serve. Slaves are slaughtered by the hundreds to feed the magisters' hunger for power. Even some mages are not spared, for in mages as in all humans, there exists a spectrum—on one end, the very powerful, on the other, those that can barely light a candle. The Empire cares only for the strongest, and those who do not compare favorably are thrown to the wolves.

Imagine your children growing up in such a world. If a mage asked it of you, you would have to give him your daughter, not knowing what his plans for her might be.

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You could not resist him, and neither could she. Without our templars and without the Circle, the common man would have no defense against magic. We must deny the mages certain freedoms for the common good. I wish there was another way. I tell the apprentices this is a test of their faith, that it is the will of the Maker. Many understand that we do what we do for their own good. Codex entry The Imperial Chantry. There are those who would tell you that the Chantry is the same everywhere as it is here, that the Divine in Val Royeaux reigns supreme in the eyes of the Maker and that this fact is unquestioned throughout Thedas.

The Maker's second commandment, "Magic must serve man, not rule over him," never held the same meaning within the ancient Tevinter Imperium as it did elsewhere. The Chantry there interpreted the rule as meaning that mages should never control the minds of other men, and that otherwise their magic should benefit the rulers of men as much as possible. When the clerics of Tevinter altered the Chant of Light to reflect this interpretation of the commandment, the Divine in Val Royeaux ordered the clerics to revert to the original Chant. They refused, claiming corruption within Val Royeaux, an argument that grew until, in [sic] Towers , the Chantry in Tevinter elected its own "legitimate and uncorrupted" Divine Valhail—who was not only male, but also happened to be one of the most prominent members of the Tevinter Circle of the Magi.

After four Exalted Marches to dislodge these "rebels," all that the Chantry in Val Royeaux accomplished was to cement the separation. While most aspects of the Imperial Chantry 's teachings are the same, prohibitions against magic have been weakened, and male priests have become more prevalent. The Circle of the Magi today rules Tevinter directly, ever since the Archon Nomaran was elected in Storm directly from the ranks of the enchanters, to great applause from the public.

He dispensed with the old rules forbidding mages from taking part in politics, and within a century, the true rulers within the various imperial houses—the mages—took their places openly within the government. The Imperial Divine is now always drawn from the ranks of the first enchanters and operates as Divine and Grand Enchanter both.

This is utter heresy to any member of the Chantry outside of Tevinter, a return to the days of the magisters , which brought the Blights down upon us. But it exists, and even though we have left the Tevinter Imperium to the mercies of the dread Qunari , still they have endured. Further confrontation between the Black Divine and our so-called "White Divine" is inevitable.

Codex entry The Kirkwall City Guard. It is with pride that I, your viscount, grant the authority of law and civil enforcement upon the guardsmen of an independent Kirkwall. No more will we defer to the will of foreign troops or draw a holy order into tasks unbefitting their mandate. These proud men and women will be of the people and will enforce the laws we have elected for a civil and ordered society. And should the specter of invasion return, the noble guardsmen will conscript from the population, for who better to amass the people's will than the constables of law charged with its inspection?

This is a great day, fair Kirkwall, and I am honored to appoint the first guard-captain. Long may he serve the will of a free people. Codex entry The Llomerryn Accords. That's how long it took the Imperium to drive out the Qunari occupation. But the rest of Northern Thedas was not so lucky. Both Divines , white and black, declared Exalted Marches and for the only time since the Schism of the Chantry , they worked together. A century-long siege resulted, with the giant Qunari entrenched in Antiva and Rivain , and all of Thedas throwing armies against them.

The war drained the resources of every nation in Thedas, leaving most on the brink of collapse. For the giants, it did not appear to be the damage to their armada or the loss of their soldiers, but the terrible toll upon the Rivaini population that prompted their retreat. When the Third New Exalted March had all but massacred the people of Kont-aar without even chipping the Qunari occupying force, the giants finally withdrew. The treaty that put an official end to the Qunari Wars was signed on the politically neutral island of Llomerryn off the southern coast of Rivain.

They received the northern archipelago in exchange for cessation of hostilities against all the nations on the accord. Only Tevinter refused to sign, and so the war continues to rage in the Imperium to the present day. It's worth noting, however, that the Kingdom of Rivain immediately violated the treaty. Once, when the humans of northern Rivain—nearly all practitioners of the Qun and therefore by definition, "Qunari"—refused to leave their homes and go in exile to the islands.

And again, when the Rivain Chantry and nationalist forces, unable to convert its people back to the worship of the Maker , tried a purge by the sword, slaughtering countless unarmed people and burying them in mass graves. It's a fortunate mystery that the leaders in Kont-aar did not alert their allies in the Northern Passage, or we'd still be fighting the giants now. Codex entry Lyrium. Lyrium is the king of metals. Beneath our feet, it sings. When properly refined, it is a smooth, slightly iridescent, silvery liquid.

In the hands of the dwarven Smith Caste , it is mixed with steel to produce indestructible armor and blades that hold an edge for centuries. In the hands of the Shaperate , it becomes a repository for living memories. And some scholars maintain this as evidence that lyrium is, itself, alive. It finds its most lucrative its application in the hands of the Formari , who use it in conjuction sic with baser metals like gold, silverite , veridium , or even iron to produce enchantments. Though mages , of course, consume it in a diluted form to bolster their abilities, this is not recommended.

Overindulgence in lyrium can have disastrous consequences, particularly in more concentrated amounts. It is not advisable, for instance, that any reader handle raw lyrium, which in many cases can kill on contact. Codex entry The Mage Underground. To Knight-Commander Meredith , re. Every Circle in Thedas suffers from individual mages who rebel and attempt to flee. These apostates are usually found and returned to the Circle or mercifully killed if they have fallen to demonic temptation. Until now, I have never served anywhere that the populace does not fully cooperate in hunting these rebels.

Here in Kirkwall, citizens actually help rebel mages escape. Escaped apostates have survived their freedom long enough to form the "the mage underground," a network that feeds and shelters escapees and even transports apostates into remote areas of the Free Marches and beyond our easy reach.

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As of late, the movement has grown bolder, sending raiding parties into the Gallows in an attempt to break out mages who lack the skills or willpower to escape on their own. This is a grave concern. My recommendation is to fight back, both physically and in turning the minds and hearts of their supporters against them.

Codex entry The Maker. There was no word For heaven or for earth, for sea or sky. All that existed was silence. And from it made his firstborn. By your will May all things be done. Then in the center of heaven He called forth A city with towers of gold , streets with music for cobblestones, And banners which flew without wind. There, He dwelled, waiting To see the wonders His children would create.

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The children of the Maker gathered Before his golden throne And sang hymns of praise unending. But their songs Were the songs of the cobblestones. They shone with the golden light Reflected from the Maker's throne. They held forth the banners That flew on their own. You have been given dominion Over all that exists. By your will All things are done. Yet you do nothing. The realm I have given you Is formless, ever-changing.

And He knew he had wrought amiss. So the Maker turned from his firstborn And took from the Fade A measure of its living flesh And placed it apart from the Spirits, and spoke to it, saying: Here, I decree Opposition in all things: For earth, sky For winter, summer For darkness, Light. By My Will alone is Balance sundered And the world given new life.

And no longer was it formless, ever-changing, But held fast, immutable, With Words for heaven and for earth, sea and sky. At last did the Maker From the living world Make men. Immutable, as the substance of the earth, With souls made of dream and idea, hope and fear, Endless possibilities. Then the Maker said: To you, my second-born, I grant this gift: In your heart shall burn An unquenchable flame All-consuming, and never satisfied. Codex entry The Maker's First Children. The Maker 's first creations were the spirits , glorious beings that populated the many spires of the Golden City , and the Chant of Light says that they revered the Maker with unquestioning devotion.

The Maker, however, was dissatisfied. Although the spirits were like Him in that they could manipulate the ether and create from it, they did not do so. They had no urge to create, and even when instructed to do so possessed no imagination to give their creations ingenuity or life. The Maker realized His own folly: He had created the spirits to resemble Him in all but the one and most important way: they did not have a spark of the divine within them.

He expelled all the spirits out of the Golden City and into the Fade and proceeded to His next creation: life. The Maker created the world and the living beings upon it, separated from the Fade by the Veil. His new children would be unable to shape the world around them and thus would need to struggle to survive. In return for their struggle, the Maker gave them the spark of the divine, a soul , and He watched with pleasure as His creations flourished and showed all the ingenuity that He had hoped for.

The spirits grew jealous of the living and coaxed from them into the Fade when they slept. The spirits wished to know more of life, hoping to find a way to regain the Maker's favor. Through the eyes of the living, they experienced new concepts: love, fear, pain, and hope. The spirits re-shaped the Fade to resemble the lives and concepts they saw, each spirit desperately trying to bring the most dreamers to their own realm so they could vicariously posses a spark of the divine through them.

As the spirits grew in power, however, some of them became contemptuous of the living. These were the spirits that saw the darkest parts of the dreamers. Their lands were places of torment and horror, and they knew that the living were strongly drawn to places that mirrored those dark parts of themselves.

These spirits questioned the Maker's wisdom and proclaimed the living inferior. They learned from the darkness they saw and became the first demons. Rage, hunger, sloth, desire, pride: These are the dark parts of the soul that give demons their power, the hooks they use to claw their way into the world of the living. It was demons that whispered into the minds of men, convincing them to turn from the Maker and worship false gods.

They seek to possess all life as their due, forging kingdoms of nightmare in the Fade in the hopes of one day storming the walls of heaven itself. And the Maker despaired once again, for He had given the power of creation to his new children—and in return they had created sin. Codex entry The Commandments of the Maker. These truths the Maker has revealed to me: As there is but one world, One life, one death, there is But one god, and He is our Maker. They are sinners, who have given their love To false gods.

Magic exists to serve man, and never to rule over him. Foul and corrupt are they Who have taken His gift And turned it against His children. They shall be named Maleficar , accursed ones. They shall find no rest in this world Or beyond. Those who bring harm Without provocation to the least of His children Are hated and accursed by the Maker. Those who bear false witness And work to deceive others, know this: There is but one Truth.

All things are known to our Maker And He shall judge their lies. All things in this world are finite. What one man gains, another has lost. Those who steal from their brothers and sisters Do harm to their livelihood and to their peace of mind. Our Maker sees this with a heavy heart. Codex entry Maleficarum. It has been asked, "What are maleficarum? How shall we know them? You have come to me for the wisdom of the Maker , but none have seen the Maker's heart save Beloved Andraste. And so I have done as all mortals must, and looked to the words of His prophet for answers.

And there, I found respite from a troubled mind. For she has said to us, "Magic exists to serve man, and never to rule over him. Also, Our Lady said to us, "Those who bring harm without provocation to the least of His children are hated and accursed by the Maker. Those mages who honor the Maker and keep His laws we welcome as our brothers and sisters. Those who reject the laws of the Maker and the words of His prophet are apostate.

They shall be cast out, and given no place among us. Codex entry Mana and the Use of Magic. Mana is that which defines a mage. It is potential that dwells within a person but does not always manifest itself. All men are connected to the Fade ; we go there to dream. But only those with this potential may draw upon its power.

Besides, hanging around people like Jack is not my thing. The horse makes clickety-clack sounds on the pavement. It's a young stallion — probably no older than five — and he's sprinkled with white and black, like Rocky Road. I can't resist touching his nose. That's the biggest bunch of bull I've ever heard. I can sense the cocky confidence radiating off his tanned skin. One of the hands managed to chase them away, but not before a bunch of the colts and fillies started screaming. I think that's why Star took off.

Especially if they're Thoroughbreds. Dad says they're crazy because of inbreeding. Thoroughbred bloodlines are worse than the royal families of Europe. Exercise boys are riding around both practice tracks. A field of haystacks sits beyond the tracks, and a garden full of sunflowers and vegetables lies between the tracks and the manor house. The biggest of the six barns is larger than a Walmart. The barn Dad worked at in West Virginia is a shack by comparison.

My father hasn't raced him yet 'cause he's too stubborn and mean. Jack pats the horse's neck. You're really good with horses. Does your dad own a farm? I laugh again. Own a farm? He's saying hello. My bro Wrigley is nothing compared to me. Right, bro? I can't believe I said that. I feel my face turning the color of strawberry ice cream, but Jack just laughs and keeps on beaming. I better watch my mouth before the Goodwins boot me right on out of here. I reach into my back pocket to grab a sucker — an orange one.

You know how some people take antianxiety meds? Well, I eat candy. I rip off the crinkly wrapper and stick the sucker in my mouth.

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Instant relief. I peek up at Jack's blue eyes. He's nicer than I figured he'd be. And he has a sense of humor too. Are you related to him? Related to a senator? I look down at my holey jeans, boots, and tight black T-shirt. I'm about to fess up that I've just moved into the Hillcrest dungeons and therefore he and I can never speak because his family values their privacy when a man storms out of the house and up the hill to us. Goodwin goes on, "Why aren't you answering your cell —" He stops.

Takes one look at my red hair, freckled skin, and short, jockey-sized body, and then his eyes grow wide. Jack ties Wrigley to a hitching post, his voice changing from casual to super serious. If you'll excuse me. Now that Jack knows who I really am, the groom's daughter, he doesn't even give me a second glance. On my way to Hillcrest to retrieve my riding gear, I skirt the stone wall that doubles as a fence bordering the property.

Mom once told me, "They call them slave walls. I choose to learn from it. She died when I was eleven after having been diagnosed with breast cancer the year before. It was stage four by the time the doctors caught it, but Mom fought hard. Then Mom was suddenly buried And without her, my whole world fell apart.

Dad worked as a groom for a wealthy horseman who was more interested in gambling than the racehorses themselves.